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Pain, loss, uncertainty and distress are part of being human, but we don’t need to stay in survival mode. Instead, we can thrive.

I provide face-to-face counselling at my location or online counselling Australia-wide.


The national percentage for successful marriage counselling within Australia

Why See A Counsellor?

There is always hope! If you are feeling down, alone or lonely, helpless, despaired, tired, irritable, frustrated, struggling with anger, lacking confidence or reduced self-esteem, talk to Compass Counsellor Cindy to find out how she can help. Your concern may be simply a change in lifestyle, or transition at your stage of life, family or relationship dynamics or questioning your place in an environment.

Regardless, Cindy offers personally tailored, confidential, caring encouragement and ethical support to boost you and enable you to manage your mental health. Areas which I service include Ulverstone, Devonport, Penguin, Turners Beach, Forth, Leith, Sulphur Creek and surrounding regions in Tasmania with face to face or online sessions.

Counselling Services - Compass Counsellor

Facing A Challenging Situation?

As a professional counsellor, I offer therapy for personal counselling for anxiety, depression, grief, trauma and more (See Services Page for specific services provided) to bring comfort and relief to all ages in challenging situations. My aim is to empower you to be the best version of you by building hope and resilience.

People Focused Therapy

As the owner/operator of Compass Counsellor, I take a holistic approach while understanding that all aspects of life (both big and small) impact on each other. As a professional counsellor, I also understand that dealing with mental health, a disorder or personal issues is complex and individual, so any therapy will ensure that the focus is on you and finding solutions, rather than being stuck in problem-mode.

Reach Out To Cindy

If your unique circumstances have contributed to you feeling overwhelmed on unable to cope, then reach out to Cindy at Compass Counsellor.

Make An Appointment For Any Of The Following:
  • You’re dealing with anxiety or depression
  • Dealing with life-transitions
  • Facing trauma, loss or grief
  • Sexual identity issues
  • Mental health issues and other personal problems
  • You require general counselling
  • Single or couple’s pre-marriage counselling
  • Parenting problems, family therapy and youth counselling
  • Relationship and couples therapy
    Counselling Services - Compass Counsellor
    Counselling Services based in Devonport Tasmania

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    From my very first meeting with Cindy, I felt a deep down compassion, support and care. I trusted her. I spoke to Cindy about things I could not tell my past counsellors or my closest friend at the time. She always made sure I was safe.

    Sarah, New Town, TAS

    I couldn’t understand why I was feeling so low, depressed , exhausted and anxious. Talking with Cindy helped me to view what was happening to me, through “a different lens”, another perspective. Her time and empathy has made such a difference in my life.”

    Grace, Shearwater, TAS 

    Cindy helped us connect at a deeper level for our lifetime commitment together. We are extremely grateful for her wisdom and guidance.

    Jaicam and Zoe, Devonport 

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